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Which body oils are best suited for which body parts?

In principle, we can't give a general answer. We can only give recommendations, but it varies from person to person. 

The following experiences are known to us: 

In case of grounding problems (absent-mindedness) it is recommended to apply the earth-oil on the legs and feet. However, the air oil can also be used here, as the cause may be too much air energy in the legs and the body oils would balance out "too much". 

In states of anxiety, the fire oil can have a balancing effect on the heart. 

The magnetic oil can have an effect especially on the connective tissue and brings it into the body's own vibration. This can alleviate connective tissue problems (scars). 

Please note that all these statements are feedback from our customers and are "CAN" statements. Since the cause of certain conditions can be variable, it is difficult to make exact statements.  

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